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Boys need to know

Boys need to know

I’m not a mother, but someday I hope to be one. As one of three sisters in my family, the idea of raising girls excites and frightens me for reasons you read about in the headlines. Now, boys. They’re a mystery to me. Men, even more so.  

But, here’s what I know. Perhaps, there’s never been a more important time to communicate to our young boys what they need to know to become good men. We need good men in the world to make greater, and faster progress. 

Boys need to know chivalry today equates to helping open doors for girls to dream just as big, as opposed to opening literal doors. 

Boys need to know that the security of their families, financially or otherwise, does not have to rest of their shoulders alone. They can share the weight. 

Boys need to know girls deserve to earn just as much money at their neighborhood lemonade stand. 

Boys need to know that there are ways to express frustration or sadness that do not include violence and aggression. 

Boys need to know that seeking mental healthcare is not a sign of weakness. It’s a sign of bravery and strength. 

Boys need to know about the women of our past and present who changed the world. Maybe then, we can raise a generation that believes, “Of course, a woman could be president.” 

Boys need to know equality is not just a girls’ fight, it’s our collective fight. 

And, lastly, men need to know we need their help to teach our boys these important lessons. 

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